Salvage plans

How would you react if fire or flood threatened your property?

Quite rightly you would call the emergency services whose job it is to preserve property – a job made much easier if they know what contents and areas are most important.

Renovate! Ltd. will design a salvage plan for you, your staff or the emergency services to use should there be an urgent need to evacuate your premises.

A safe plan to retrieve your priority items can save you thousands of pounds following an emergency, and offers potential savings on your insurance bill.

Managing Director Robin Willcox has over 30 years experience in the Fire and Rescue Service, and offers bespoke salvage planning for heritage buildings, commercial and residential properties.

Recent projects include Gloucester cathedral, Sezincote House, royal residences, government premises, commercial and manufacturing companies, private collections and tourist attractions. Our salvage planning service is available throughout the UK.

Heritage buildings Private residences Commercial premises
Churches Antiques Stock
Abbeys Furniture Machinery
Cathedrals Art works Paperwork
Mosques Sentimental items IT
Art galleries and museums Private collections Animal rescue
Heritage buildings Pets Tools
Valuable collections Private papers


 Contact Managing Director Robin Willcox at or call him on 07909 966237.